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Sound Labs

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May 7th - June 25th  

Music Theory and Culture 

Recording and The Science of Sound

Digital Audio Production

Music Business and Sustainability 

Teoría musical y grabación de cultura

La ciencia del sonido

Producción de audio digital

Negocios musicales y sostenibilidad



intersecting the realms of art, education, and self. 


Earthskull was established in April 2021 as founder Erika Tymann was closing out her 5th year teaching high school in the South Bronx, NY, 

A New York State Certified Teacher with a Masters Degree and License in TESOL (teaching english to students of other languages), a language specialist, Erika would split her time between 3 to 5 different classrooms everyday, working with different students, teachers, and subjects. 

She became increasingly certain that the outdated system and styles of teaching were not supporting students as the need nor sharing the information and skills that are imperative for survival in our current society. 

This lead her to depart from systematic education and begin her journey as an independent educator. Walking away with valuable experiences and insight including:

Morningside Center for Teaching Social Responsibility, 

LGBTQ Affirming Education (NYC), 

Life Skills Crisis Intervention  (NYS), and 

RULER- Yale's Center for Emotional Intelligence,

30 hr Yin Yoga Certification, 

Reiki Level 2 Certification, 

7 Week Nectar of the Gods Cacao Journey,

Meditation Mentoring.

With this Erika has begun taking dynamic, expansive steps in educating, working with homeschooling students, community collaborators, and heavily infusing the arts, her approach is unique. 

She creates an atmosphere of safety in exploration and ensures that every students who crosses her path knows that they are worthy, appreciated, and respected.

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Sunrise on Nature

Come Back To Yourself  

Remember Who You Are

Find What Feels Good

Nourish The Soul


Monthly updates, blog shares, community events and more.