Listening to the deep inner knowing that we are more than what we’ve been told…


Leaning into the centers of our being that truly empower us to be what we’ve always known…


Changing the narrative and paradigm of our wombs, our hearts and our spirit.


LOVE her

Our Divinely Sacred program is the collaborative container sculpted, designed, and curated from the powerful spaces of womb, heart, and spirit. This program will support your intentions, desires, and self-exploration as we slowly move through these centers over the course of 12 weeks. 

Join us as we ​​​​

  • Connect every week on our Sunday Live Call   

  • Work with scared plant medicine (Herbs & Cacao)

  • Deep dive into our womb and monthly cycles

  • Explore the interconnection between our bodies and the planets 

  • Meditate, journal, move through emotional blocks & dense trauma 

  • Expand and crack open our heart spaces 

  • Find support in accountability

  • Meet our higher selves and divine spirit 


  Weeks 1 - 4 (Womb)                             Weeks 5 - 8 (Heart)                            Weeks 9 - 12 (Spirit)


In addition to our Sunday Live Calls,


We will connect through our group chat, half moon, new moon, and full moon content drops.

We have powerful guest speakers bringing potent information to our divine container. 

We will utilize unique digital and physical tools to support our exploration of self.




1 block of Cacao

We’moon Datebook 

1 Month of Herbs

Ritual Guides


2 blocks of Cacao

We’moon Datebook 

2 Month of Herbs

Ritual Guides

1 Distance Reiki Healing


3 blocks of Cacao

We’moon Datebook 

3 Month of Herbs

Ritual Guides

1 Distance Reiki Healing

1 on 1 Divine Guidance


Astrology Reading



Let’s Work Together

Abstract Gradient


Noemi Martinez  

Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist, Reiki Master, and more,

Noemi has over 10 years of experience woking with and guiding  individuals through the journey of self exploration and healing.

Emily Osley  

Somatic movement, conscious parenting, and unlearn advocate,

Emily's experience in elementary education has shaped her expansion to different forms of learning utilizing the wisdom we carry within our bodies and how we can access it.

Erika Tymann

Meditation & Yin Yoga, Reiki Healer, Multidimensional Artist,

Erika as an artist and educator works to shift the narrative of truth to encompass all aspects of human existence.  

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12 week program!

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