Healing Offerings

  • Tapping into the energy centers of the body for deep relaxation.

  • A space to soften into the moment.

  • Deep relaxation for body and soul healing.

  • A space to connect with the heart and open to its wisdom.


Energy work utilizes prana, life force energy, or chi.  This energy is at the very core of who we are, it is that feeling of fire in our bellies, the wind that gently blows beneath our wings, and the sensual sways of our hips. When tapped into this energy, we have the ability to apply intentions and with these intentions energy can be directed to areas of the body that are in need of nourishment. 


Ceremony is created any time there is a gathering with intention. This could be to honor the ancestors, confront a shadow, to open the heart through the sharing of Mama Cacao, allowing for grief and sorrow, sharing in laughter. The intention creates a space that is sacred and those gathered within become one with this energy as they continue to be surrounded by high vibrational energy. Ceremonies are acknowledgments of the divine we all carry, where we share gratitude for the connections through and between us all.