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Supporting in a variety of writing endeavors including 

resumes, bios, articles, PR material, and more.

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A spiritually guided hour of total relaxation, guiding the subtle frequencies of the body to areas that are in need of support. Allowing your body to surrender into the depths of its own healing ability. Connecting with Qi or Prana.

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A soft, deep, and

slow flow where each pose is

held for 3 to 5 minutes, asking for your entire body to surrender. Accessing the deep tissues of our body to nourish and release. 

60min or 90min


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Nourishment honoring the 

seasonal harvest of the local area. 

Slow, intentional, home cooking. 

 Honoring and utilizing every part of the ingredients that make up these delicious meals. 

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A heart opener, 

Mama Cacao is a plant medicine

that implores us to listen to the subtle whispers of the earth. 

Honored in ceremony as a beverage, the bitter taste and sweet aroma allow us to feel safe expressing our vulnerability to innerstand our 

next best steps.

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Reiki Healing

Ceremonial Cacao

Yin Yoga

Seasonal Cooking

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