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Freelance Writing 

The daughter of an educator and a native Spanish speaker, language has always been an outlet of expression, I developed an extensive vocabulary and a distinct cadence from a young age.

Through the support and encouragement of my business partner, in 2021 I began offering writing services. 

Resume Support

Resumes are the first thing a potential employer knows about you. 

Feel good knowing that you are presenting yourself strongly and clearly.

Resume Creation- $40

Resume Editing- $20

Please contact below for free consultation

Artist Bio

Artist bios allow fans new and old to learn more about you, why you create, and how you connect. 

Whether for an article, website, or PR use, having a unique piece of writing that represents you as an artist is powerful.

300 Words - $150

(includes interview and 1 edit)

Editing/ Revisions

Feeling confident in your writing allows you to make moves with pride. 

Having a second set of eyes, look over and amplify your writing to the next level will bring peace and ease to any project, correspondence, or proposal you create. 

300 Words - $75

500 words - $100

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