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Cacao Ceremony

A space to connect with the heart and open to its wisdom.

Service Description

Cacao is sacred plant medicine. Having roots in Aztec and Mayan culture, it is revered as a nectar of the Gods. The cacao pod holds within it a juicy white flesh that is sweet and tangy, this fruit surrounds many seeds within the pod. It is the seeds that Mayans and Aztec began to process into a frothy drink. It is this drink that we work with during Cacao Ceremony. This rich beverage is a heart opener, the Spirit of Mama Cacao is a warm embrace, an acknowledgement of our souls and connection to the whispers of our heart. It is through this heart space that we are able to align with what nourishes our beings, where we can find grace in our thoughts, and mercy in our actions. Ceremony begins with a warm cup of Cacao, give thanks and gratitude to this sacred medicine, we then begin to connect with it, sipping into our soul and feeling it warm us from the inside out. It is here that we connect through life themes and build community through open dialogue, reflection, and journaling. Each time we come together with the intention of opening our hearts, we are brining light energy to the worlds, spreading our love into the interconnected webs of consciousness that intertwine with all nature on Mother Earth and extends out into the cosmos.

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